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All clouds are not created equal. Our consultants at Leet Services have extensive experience in many different clouds enabling us to pick the right setup for your business and your budget. Let us worry about your technology needs so you don't have to! From ten employees to hundreds, we've got you covered.

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Serving Southeast Michigan Since 2004

Leet Services started in 2004 when our founder was just a junior in high school. With a major passion for technology and the businesses it helps, Leet Services has kept up with times over the past 16 years and continues to offer modern solutions to businesses in Southeast Michigan.

Our business model is proactive not reactive. Instead of calling us when things break, we know from experience that we can implement solutions that tend to "just work" - limiting your company from experiencing costly downtime and loss of productivity.

As our clients know, we're far more than just a repair facility that focuses on a single piece of your IT puzzle. We're known as a responsive, knowledgeable, and highly valued strategic technology partner. We collaborate diligently with our clients to develop reliable custom-crafted cloud solutions.



We answer the questions you didn't even know you had.

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We charge one fee for support, that's it.

Once we're done setting up your company, your monthly price stays the same. We don't believe in nickel and diming. Everything you need to support your employees' productivity is included in one affordable monthly price. WiFi, Servers, Cloud Services, Microsoft Office, Firewalls, Antivirus, and more!


Infrastructure local and cloud backup is INCLUDED.

We are PARANOID about losing data so you don't have to be. All of your important data is backed up TWICE in two different highly secure places using tried and true backup methods. Server resources, Email, Calendars, Contacts, Desktops, Documents, Pictures are all safe with us. Ransomware beware, our clients' data will not be held hostage.


We'll help you make your business more efficient with technology.

Enabling your workforce with top-notch cloud technologies isn’t just important, but imperative for business success. We'll be there every step of the way implementing solutions to save your employees time and your company money.



Success-Driven Partnerships


Reliable Hardware

Leet Services has used Dell desktops, laptops, and servers for the entirety of our existence. They time and time again have proven themselves to be the best in the industry from reliability to service. With many innovative designs, they always have what our clients are looking for.


Robust Cloud Services

Since Bill Gates started the company in 1975, Microsoft has been an innovator. They revolutionized the modern operating system, the modern office experience, and have now planted themselves as one of the clear leaders in cloud solutions.


Secured Networks

Sophos is a leader in network security. Their XG firewall line has helped keep the bad guys out of our clients networks. From working in the office to working from home, Sophos enables us to offer our clients a secure experience.

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